Lake Fountains & Aeration, Inc. is headquartered in Sanford, FL near Orlando. Our company originated as a division of a water management company in 1979 and was incorporated as an individual fountain company in 1992.  We are one of the largest manufacturers of high quality and reliable floating fountains for lakes and ponds

Our success is attributable to several main characteristics.  These include the ability of our staff to design a fountain uniquely suited to our client’s needs, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives, very high quality and reliable products and unequaled follow-up service.  Our engineering staff is available to help with your design and to assist with technical specifications.

Our floating fountains typically come in horsepower from 1/3 to 40 HP and a variety of spray heights from 3’ to 60’ or more.  A major feature that makes our fountains better than the competition is that we utilize submersible water pumps rather than propellers, resulting in a much greater availability of spray patterns and spray heights.  There are many options for 120 volt lighting packages including a variety of lens colors and wattages.  Our high quality control panels are matched exactly to the pump and lighting system.  Other options include wind level controls, sequential lighting and multi-pump displays.  Our fountains can be shipped anywhere in the United States and are easy to install.

Let's not forget pond aeration! Ponds especially develop bacteria that can harm fish and other wildlife. In addition to pond aeration services, Lake Fountains provides Orlando and Central Florida with fountain repairs and services fountains in neighborhoods, office complexes and homes throughout the Orlando area.

  pond aerators pond aerators pond aerators

These 3-Tier fountains are our most popular models.  The elegant 3-tier display actually serves two purposes -
it is beautiful to look at, and helps to improve
the water quality. 

The appeal of our pod jet/spray ring fountains is in their geometry—a large stream rising straight up surrounded by a lower tier of smaller jets set at an angle from vertical.

Cascade fountains are popular due to their strong, bold statement.  They are highly visible during the day and are beautiful when illuminated in the evening.

floating fountains floating fountains floating fountains

Lake Fountains & Aeration, Inc. can also manufacture fountains to meet our customer’s specific needs. View samples of other types of fountains we have made for our customers.

Our Morning Glory fountains include our durable float assembly, 150’ of underwater power cable and our complete fountain control center.

One of the most beneficial and cost-effective methods of improving your lake or pond is the installation of an aeration system.