Floating Fountains and pond Aerators

We provide an assortment of floating fountains, display pond aerators and pond accessories which add beauty while increasing aeration to your pond. We serve both residential and commercial pond customers. Please select from one of our popular models.

3-Tier Fountains
3-tier floating fountains
These 3-Tier fountains are our most popular models.  The elegant 3-tier display actually serves two purposes - it is beautiful to look at, and helps to improve the water quality. 
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Pod Jet / Ring Series
pod jet ring series floating fountains
The appeal of our pod jet/spray ring fountains is in their geometry—a large stream rising straight up surrounded by a lower tier of smaller jets set at an angle from vertical.
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Cascade Series
cascade floating fountains
Cascade fountains are popular due to their strong, bold statement. They are highly visible during the day and are beautiful when illuminated in the evening.
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Custom Fountains
custom floating fountains
Lake Fountains & Aeration, Inc. can also manufacture fountains to meet our customer’s specific needs. View samples of other types of fountains we have made for our customers.
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Morning Glory Series
morning glory floating fountains
Our Morning Glory fountains include our durable float assembly, 150’ of underwater power cable and our complete fountain control center. 
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Diffused Air Systems
diffused air systems
One of the most beneficial and cost-effective methods of improving your lake or pond is the installation of an aeration system.
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